Butter Ngo
Who am I? My name is Vu, but you can call me Butter. I'm a full-stack developer I can do Back-End, Font-End, DevOps, but my strength server side. I have over 8 years of experience developing websites and most of them I use Microsoft technologies and some popular js such as "angularjs, anglular 2+, reactjs, jquery". Also, during the course of my work, I have been completed 2 mobile apps. I can work independently or teamwork, ability R&D new technology solving the problem. I have 1-year experience with management and ability using scrum for the team, in the past time I have been used Scrum to manage the team. With my knowledge and experience about "Microsoft technologies" such as "net frame-work, net-core", I believe resolve any problem with it. Blog: https://www.c-sharp.vn/. GitHub: https://github.com/butterngo My blog and GitHub are storage all my experience, knowledge on it, you can access there and explore about me.